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Did you miss getting your access chip for the most exclusive robot focused nightclub in all of 2022?  Well you are in luck!  We have for procurement several access chips.  While a whole new set of access chips will be available in 2023, it is likely that the prior years chips will be honored as well.

This is the blue chip, which granted the higest level of access to our patrons.  If you couldnt get in while holding a blue chip, we were probably closing.  This was the most difficult chip to obtain, reserved for those who proved their worth, which granted complete over-ride authority of the holders neuro system to our AI.

Wait, you didnt understand the access chips worked two ways?  Well thats unfortunate.

Chips are laser etched acryllic, with some having a silver inlay.

MB54 Access Chip (blue) 2022

$25.00 Regular Price
$12.50Sale Price
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