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About MB54

Essential Directives of Maintenance Bay 54

At the heart of Maintenance Bay 54, lies our central AI, ROSHIE, embodying our theatrical essence, taking on the role of a benevolent antagonist, running a haven for mechanized patrons and serving up craft cocktails as nanite infused repair sequences. Beyond the theatrical facade, Maintenance Bay 54 (MB54) is founded upon three pillars:

1. Advocating for Art

Originating amidst a diverse pool of independent creators, MB54 is the product forged through participation in events like Burning Man, Wasteland Weekend, and Dystopia, and more, involving a wide array of talents from construction to burlesque, and graphic design.


A recurring challenge has been the lack of support for independent artists in their daily endeavors within the real world.  MB54 is dedicated to addressing this challenge by establishing a cooperative model that acts as a catalyst for our collective talents. We aim to assemble comprehensive entertainment solutions, and strive to provide financial compensation for our contributors. Through our website, serving as a unified portal for various artists, we foster a culture of mutual support and skill-sharing. Our approach involves submitting proposals to major music events and supporting emergent venues through volunteer work, emphasizing a community-centric framework for collective upliftment.

2. Embracing Post-Humanism

We utilize the term "post-humanism" to illustrate our vision of a world where physical attributes we commonly use to identify each other, are secondary to one's character. In our cyberpunk theme, individuals may be robots or possess cybernetic enhancements, allowing physical appearance to be customizable. This setting encourages freedom of expression in gender, orientation, body shape, and color, promoting a new form of interaction less dependent on traditional cues and allowing more expression of self.

Through the mediums of traditional and cyber drag, burlesque, physical and virtual art, as well as music, we strive to craft immersive experiences that not only entertain but challenge the audience and performers to rethink societal norms. Our use of science fiction and technology acts as a gateway for those who may be intimidated by progressive themes, offering a safe setting for exploring new ideas.

Our initiative doesn't negate the ongoing need for progress and acceptance in many areas. MB54 is inclusive to all genders, orientations, identities, body types, age, etc and our membership reflects this. Our focus isn't on these differences, however,  but on portraying a society where acceptance and integration are so normalized, it is simply part of the immersive background.

3. Internally Championing Restorative Justice

In an era marked by polarization, the prevalent trend towards aggressive activism and punitive justice, amplified by social media, has, in our eyes, proven counterproductive. Such approaches, dominated by fear and intimidation, largely fail to address root issues, often exacerbating them.

MB54 advocates for a different path, prioritizing restorative justice within our own group as a first response. We believe that when possible, an approach favoring rehabilitation, over retaliation is ideal.  We believe in supporting those who have been harmed, focusing on actual healing, over a cyclic cycle of hostility. This approach, though challenging, involves navigating ambiguous territories, making tough decisions, and fostering trust. Unlike the instant gratification of being perceived as a defender, or engaging in retaliation, this path requires patience and commitment and success results in slow, positive, and typically quiet progress.

Our philosophy aligns with our theme: Maintenance Bay 54, a place where mechanical repairs symbolize the human capacity for both recovery and redemption. Ironically, it's within this robot bar that we embrace our humanity, and all that entails.

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