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Featured at an exclusive price for Maintenance Bay 54, the Wolf harness from the Mariabaal collection chanels a predatory energy for those stalking the streets of neon.  Coverage is more robust than other offerings, necissary when taking down the Wolf's target. These are available in synthetic and organic material, featuing matte and gloss blacks, a scintilating irredescent cosmic dark turqouise and of course irridesents (optical camoflage compatible).  


$375.00 Regular Price
$270.00Sale Price

    It is reccomended for masc expressing entitites to use the following sizing guide:

    • X-Small: 30"-33"  
    • Small: 34"-37" 
    • Medium: 38"-41" 
    • Large: 42"-45" 
    • X-Large: 46"- 49" 

    For femme preseting constructs correlate sizing to the underbust measurement:

    • X-Small: 25"-27" 
    • Small: 27.5"-30"
    • Medium: 30.5"-34" 
    • Large: 34.5"-40" 
    • X-Large: 40.5"- 43.5" 
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